Architecture Project 2017

In 2017, the University of Bath Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering worked with Bath Artists’ Studios to set a 5th year student project focussing on BAS as a ‘client’ for a new studio building.  The students responded to a choice of three sites – our present premises, a site across the River Avon and a nearby site off the Upper Bristol Road.  The student’s solutions were creative, colourful, imaginative, inspiring – and sometimes downright daring.  Ranging from elegant new buildings combining studios, teaching space, social spaces and galleries to water born workspaces, ‘villages’ of pavilions and extending Victoria Park over our heads, they point to what a place where art is made, appreciated and taught might become and what it might do for its host community with vision and investment.

The links below form an archive of the project.  Click on each to view a student’s work.  Then imagine what a unique resource Bath would have were any to become reality!




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August 14, 2018