In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and government measures to avoid a second spike, we will be maintaining the guidance introduced when we eased access to the studios.

We have relaxed the restriction on members using shared studios one at a time.

We have taken the step of removing cutlery and crockery from communal areas and ask that members bring in their own mugs, utensils etc.

Tea and coffee will continue to be available, however members may like to consider bringing in their own supplies.

Some Autumn classes will be taking advantage of using the common room in order to allow for greater numbers when social distancing is in place. Tea and coffee making facilities will not be accessible when classes are in session (we will ask you to make use of the kettle upstairs). However members will still have access to the downstairs WC, accessing through the School Room entrance. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, however would ask you all to understand this is a temporary measure aimed at ensuring educational activity can continue.


The majority of are regular classes will be resuming from September. These will take place with social distancing measures and some tutors taking advantage of access to the Common Room and Gallery as described above. A restriction has been placed on numbers and therefore some of our tutors have chosen to restrict access to their classes to regular members and not undertake pro-active marketing.


We are planning to hold a members selling event at Christmas. Provisionally this is set for the weekend of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December. This will use both the Gallery and Common Room in order to maximise the amount of space available. As this is in lieu of this year’s Open Studios, we will be including a social dimension – for example a fire pit and mulled wine available in the yard. Felicity Bowers, Jane Sheppard and I will be progressing this and Victoria Topping has very kindly agreed to work her magic in designing publicity. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please let us know.


We are currently researching setting up an online shop attached to our website. This draws inspiration from Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol who already do this. Along with the ‘virtual tour’ described below, we look to have this running in time for the Christmas event (above). We aim to start this quite simply with editioned print, focussing on giclee. Whilst I realise this isn’t appropriate to everyone’s work, the strategy will be to try this out, see how well it works and expand to include other mediums as it develops. We are modelling what we’re doing on Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol Danny at Jamaica Street has been extremely helpful in offering feedback, advice and thoughts based on their experience of running a shop. In advance of setting this up, I would very much appreciate anyone who is interested in having their work represented letting me know. Also if you have experience of running a shop, it would be good to have your views.


In the absence of a full Open Studios this year, a number of our members have expressed interest in BAS establishing a ‘virtual tour’. This will consist of short video clips of members work and studios to be posted to our Youtube channel – with links to our social media platforms.

I will be circulating full details for the Christmas Event, online shop and virtual tour, including links to advice on making effective video clips in due course.


Based on feedback from two Zoom forums, we are provisionally scheduling Open Studios 2021 for June to coincide with degree shows. This would be with a view to capturing ‘traffic’ attending the shows along the river. The exact dates of next year’s degree shows are not yet known, however BSU will be getting back to us once this is confirmed.

The situation regarding COVID-19, social distancing and access remains to be seen.


We will have two Bath Spa University graduate residencies starting in October. Gabriella Morris, a Sculptor who will be based in the residency studio and Lauren Cattle, a mixed media artist who will be taking the small ‘project’ studio opposite the office.


In recent weeks we have sadly said goodbye of a number of members including Su Trindle, Ally McGinn, Vicky McKay and David Lawrence.

At the same time we also welcome new members including: Tristan Buckland (W6), Kjersti Crossley (L7), Anna Dixon (U5), Celia Hemken (W1), Flo Amey (U21), Jeremy Mulvey (U24), Al Libby (U10), and shortly to join us Ian Harris (U9) and Joshua Donkor (U12).

A ‘gallery’ of members photos and selfies has been set up on the ‘BAS Members Chat’ closed Facebook page. The impetus for this was the number of new studio holders arriving with us and the need for members old and new to be able to recognise each other! At the last count we have roughly half our members, therefore if you’ve not let me have a JPEG of yourself, please send one to me and I’ll add it in.