I am a conceptually representational painter and installation artist based in Bath. I have recently completed my MA at Bath Spa University and am working towards a PhD in the near future.

My work exists within a narrative that questions perceptions of art and the conditions of painting. Combining found objects, manipulated semiotics and painterly language to create installations of component artworks.

I am to bring the audience into conversation with the functional object in painting, through a formal reconsideration of material and meaning. Re-signifying value through the re-presentation of artefact as a way to examine the things we are looking at and the ways we look at them.

Challenging perceptions through a filter of aesthetic values and the interruption of conventional assumptions. My practice shifts assumptions through a representation of the process of making, re-presenting that process to the viewer; beginning new conversations between materials, subject and space.


Studio W6

email info@allymcginn.com