Angelika Mazzolitaic Site A
Bath Artists’ Studios

The scheme explores the relationship of the studio with the ground. The sunken level has a precedent in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, where I experienced the journey through a corridor with vegetation at elbow height. The connection that a simple change in level made was unforgettable. The intention for the studio spaces is to reproduce the simplicity of that gesture and the connection with nature. The studios are arranged along two arms of an open courtyard which faces the river. The gallery wing floats above like a pier cantilevering over the river, this balanced and anchored by a short tower containing offices, meeting rooms and classroom. The landscape is designed as a sloping irregular wetland allowing floodwater to come in and be part of the scene, aiding mitigation of flood risks, and forming a continuous landscape flowing within and around Bath Artists’ Studio, connecting Victoria Park and the River.