Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis – Site A
Bath Artists’ Studios

“architecture is just art we live in”

Throughout this project I have used artistic techniques to help me design fluid and dynamic spaces, which are still functional and rational. The project can be seen as a piece of art itself, and the process of design has come full circle, starting and ending with paintings.

The squared-off building can be seen to ‘plug in’ to the site. The public realm continues across the roof as a garden, blending with the parks on either side, while the artists’ spaces lie underneath. A green bridge makes connections to the opposite bank and a stepped ramp connects to the river towpath.

At lower ground level there is a central exhibition space, bounded on two edges by an inhabited wall which buffers the artists’ private spaces from this more public space. This wall contains built in kitchenettes, lockers and seating on the side facing the studio corridor making this a space to gather and socialise in. Sunken courtyards towards the outer edge of the plan, planted with trees, and roof lights provide natural light and ventilation to the studios.