Monday 7 January – Tuesday 22 January, 12-5pm
Reception: Thursday 10 January 6-8pm

Born in Wales, Cybi Williams recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, attracting broad public attention during the degree show in 2018. He explores themes inspired by the oddities he encounters in daily life. By capturing everyday curiosities photographically, his documentations function as a visual diary, focusing on the oddities of everyday life. Working to combine them throughout his working process results in busy and abstract works of art. His focus is drawn towards textures, bright colours, and repeating patterns. In a unique working process this is translated into the work by using fabrics, wooden structures, and other materials.

He has exhibited in London and Wales, as well as having worked on a two month residency in Havana as part of the Collective Cuba Project in 2017. Prizes and nominations for his work include The Mullen-Lowe Nova Award, The National Urdd Eisteddfod, The Kate Barton Painting Prize, The Slate Residency Award and the Clyde and Co Art Prize.